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Mediterranean Urological Corporation

Mediterranean Urological Corporation aims to provide a specialised medical care in Urology . We have a highly experienced and prestigious medical staff working within comprehensive multidisciplinary teams.

We offer ultimate standards of care to patients, covering all areas of urology including Prostate diseases, Urologic Oncology, Kidney Stones, Male Fertility, Male and Female Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction and Children urologic disorders. Our highly-skilled group of Urologists are all leading specialists in their field, with many years experience treating urological problems at Murcia teaching hospitals.

Curomed Equipo Medico

Appointments are offered to patients within 24 hours and we have clinics available every day of the week. We are always happy to arrange last minute appointments when needed. The clinic provides a rapid and efficient service for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of urological conditions, tailored to the individual patient, with the full support of the latest equipment and clinical expertise available.

Our doctors at Mediterranean Urologic Corporation have the latest diagnostic equipment and four operating theatres at their disposal for patients, who can enjoy the unique, family atmosphere of the Mesa del Castillo Hospital in very comfortable surroundings.

The team are experts in using the latest non-invasive techniques in treating urological disorders, in order to reduce possible side-effects for patients. Patients can be reassured our Consultant Urologists are not only trained to the highest standards but also have performed countless procedures between them. 

Each Consultant specialises in a different area of urology and they all pool their knowledge when necessary, ensuring patients get the highest standard of care using the latest methods all under one roof.

Mesa del Castillo Hospital

Our values

We are able to provide the most advanced treatments, always following the  main principles that guide our practice.


We understand accessibility from three complementary points of view:

     - To provide attention without delay.
     - To provide our patients access to all treatments that can be needed.
     - Assure payment facilities.

Personalized medicine

We try to apply therapy tailored to patients individual needs. What is important for us is to consider not only the features that make the disease be common to a set of patients, but also the specific condition that makes it different in each one. 

Experience and Minimal invasion 

We employ a top class and very experienced team. Members of our medical and nursing staff work side by side in order to offer the best services. We always favour the use of minimally invasive surgery.

Multidisciplinary care

We believe that the optimal approach to a complex disease in a patient requires a shared and coordinated view of different complementary specialties.

Our fields

We treat all urological diseases  and dysfunctions. We provide a personalised treatment appropriate to the individual patient in the fields of oncology, reconstructive surgery, paediatric urology, lithiasis, functional disorders, andrology and female urology.

We are experts in a wide  range of surgical approaches: open, endoscopic, laparoscopic, and percutaneous. We provide our diagnostic and therapeutic services by our own means or through partners of excellence

Prostatic diseases

We use the most advanced diagnostic workup to distinguish between benign and malignant conditions. We try to establish the agresiveness of the disease in order to avoid overtreatment. 

We are experts in laser therapy for BPH (Greenlight and Holmium) and set the indication based on the disease features and patient preferences.

We can treat localized prostate cancer depending on tumor characteristics and patient preferences with:

     - Focal therapy with irreversible electroporation
     - Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy 
     - Radiotherapy (Ciberknife)

Urologic Oncology

Treatment of prostate, bladder, kidney, testis or penis cancer from a multidisciplinary approach. We include both local and systemic therapy. Our personalised approach to cancer treatment means that your individual needs are at the heart of everything we do. And because we know what a worrying time it can be, we go out of our way to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Whatever your stage of treatment, we have a dedicated team to support you. You willl get to know them, and they will get to know you, which means you will not have to keep explaining things to new people


Diagnosis and treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction.

Diagnosis and treatment of impotence, genital pathologies, ejaculatory disorders, surgical correction of penile curvature and testicular ectopia. Placement of testicular prostheses and genital corrective surgery.

Voiding disfunctions

Correction of urinary incontinence and vesico-urethral occlusions. 
Treatment of irritative urinary symptoms. 
We perform Urodynamic studies to gain maximal information on mechanism underlaying voiding disfunctions.

Urinary Lithiasis

Removal of urinary stones by means of conventional or endoscopic surgical techniques or with shock waves for stone fragmentation. Treatment of metabolic lithiasis by means of a comprehensive approach.

Paediatric uropathies

Surgery for urological malformations and tumours. We are experts in ambulatory pediatric surgery. Conditions we treat include: 

     - circumcision
     - hypospadias
     - night wetting
     - urinary incontinence
     - urinary tract Infections
     - undescended testes
     - bladder exstrophy
     - epispadias
     - neuropathic bladder
     - spina bifida

Our consultants work closely with an experienced paediatric urology incontinence specialist to investigate and treat children with a wide variety of 'wetting' problems.

Multidiciplinary Conmprehensive Medicine

Our location and how to reach us

Contact us

If you require further information or an appointment, please contact us by:

     - Phone: +34 968 246 116  or +34 968 261 541
     - Email: curomed@mesadelcastillo.com